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PolySi® Contract Filling

PolySi Group Packaging Photo

PolySi® offers contract filling services for industrial, commercial, and household products. Complete contract packaging services can also be provided, giving you entire outsourcing options. Call today to discuss your specific application.

Contract Filling


Greases, compounds, oils, petroleum, lithium, synthetics, non-invasive medical equipment lubricants


RTVs, greases, compounds, gels, two-part materials, coatings, fluids


Sodering paste, epoxies, adhesives, pipe dope, heat sink compounds, pigments, dyes


Brake fluid, chemical solutions, engine oil, resins, cleaning solutions, emulsions, anti-foams, mineral oil, hydraulic fluid

Paint, Polishes & Powders:

Paint, waxes, polishes, car polish, stain, lacquers, cleaners

Viscous & Semi-viscous materials:

Motor oils, pastes, adhesives, resins

Creams & Cleaners:

Creams, liquid soap, cleaning compounds, detergents, hand sanitizer

Pump spray:

Insect repellent, hand sanitizers

Samples and Sample Kits:

Call for quote on samples or sample kits

Contract Filling Service Options include:


Artwork Design

Induction sealing

Tamper resistant sealing

Shrink Wrap

Case Packing




Sample Kits